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Am I in ketosis?

I removed sugar and readily digestible carbohydrates from my diet over one year ago. I am reasonably good at logging information and my weight loss speaks to successfully entering and staying in a state of ketosis, the body's fat burning mode.  After reading Moore and Westman's Keto ClarityI learned that inexpensive ketone monitoring devices exist.  One such device is the Abbott Precision Neo.The device measures ketones and glucose.  Interestingly the device is free (it was at a local London Drugs, it is over-the-counter) if you commit purchasing 100 test strips (glucose or ketones).  The device is $40 and reduced to $0.  The glucose and ketone strips are $75 and $26, respectively.  The ketone strips are universally expensive.

What did I learn?  I’m in ketosis despite eating 80% chocolate and consuming sugar free ice cream (loaded with polyol malitiol).  Some things were news to me. For instance, my blood sugar level would rise after exercise, a result of gluconeogenesis?  Ket…

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