Fake sellers on Amazon.ca

I love Amazon.ca.   I'm a prime customer - more often than not, I'm a satisfied consumer.  In hundreds of orders only two times have there been issues with orders.  In October I saw a great deal on an Anker, multiport USB charger.  The scam is pretty simple and one I didn't expect.  The scammer hides behind Amazon's sterling reputation.  Then they create an online storefront through the Amazon market place (a 3rd party seller branch of Amazon.ca).  Finally they advertise products well below market value.  In the case of the Anker charger, I was billed $1.88 + $5.54 for shipping (the market price is about $40). The expected delivery date was one month.  This was a big clue.  A one month delivery time is absolutely glacial by Amazon standards.  The day of delivery came November 22.  I filed my claim with Amazon an was promptly and fully reimbursed.  Unfortunately I performed my third party seller research after the November 22 delivery deadline.

The seller has a strong negative rating.  1.1 out of 5 on 163 ratings.  This would be seller self-destruction on eBay where reputation and trust is extremely important for seller survival.  
uio456 - a 3rd party Amazon seller

Still love Amazon and will learn to watch out for too good to be true sales items.