That "fat white guy." - My journey from sugar - 2017-Jan-27

I am down 15 lbs since December 22nd 2016. 

So my blood sugar is very stable.  There is a period every afternoon, between 14:30 and 15:30 where my blood sugar dips and I feel sluggish and foggy.  I keep dry almonds and walnuts in my briefcase to ride out the sugar low. 

I am waiting until January 30th to have my blood work performed.  I am curious whether 6 weeks with this modified diet has any harmful side-effects on my vitals. 

The oddest observation that my daily step count has decreased despite the mass reduction.  As measured by my Iphone's Health Data app.  My step count peaked on December 27th averaging 11,000 steps.  Since December 27th I am averaging 4,900 steps.