That "fat white guy." - My journey from sugar - 2017-Feb-22

I met with two old friends this past week.  They have not seen me since well before December 15 2016 when I started my FWG journey.

They looked me over suspiciously, nervously even, and did not want to share their opinion of what they saw.  The conversations ended pleasantly but and they both said something to the effect ' I noticed the weight loss ... didn't want to say anything.'

The Funny thing about being overweight is that you're not a vampire - you can see your reflection in mirrors.  I'm so intrigued by this irrational nervousness that I'm going to research how many fat persons have injured others after receiving a weight loss compliment.

Today's weigh in showed the scale at 194 lbs or 88 kg.
The weight loss since last week is ~ 5 lbs.
My weight over ~ 1 month - Also:  WTF Koodo???
I attribute hastened loss to two details:
Calorie tracking with app, FatSecret and increased activity with a regular walk and  push up challenge

Overall I have fewer 'hours' whereby my blood sugar falls to the point of diminished mental capacity. At the same time, I maintain 2500 calories per day.

For my metabolism/biochemistry it seems that no refined sugar and flour + moderate exercise reduces body mass quickly.