That "fat white guy." - My journey from sugar - 2017-Feb-28

Weigh in this morning:  193.2 lbs.

This represents a drop of 6 lbs in the 15 days since I hit 199.6 lbs.

Weight loss is slowing

The downside seems to be the slope of the graph between Feb 14 and Feb 21.  The weight loss is slowing tremendously.  Since I'm counting calories daily and maintaining my ratio of 70%, 25% fat, protein I can guess the slow down is coming from 1.  Increased body mass exercises (i.e. pushups, squats, bearwalk).  There is some support for this hypothesis:  My my upper and lower legs are more dense and showing increasing definition.  2.  A metabolic plateau.  I don't like this explanation.  It tends to put to much weight (oh yes the puns!) on external factors.  

When I exam my BMI I get 'overweight.'  Yes, hence the title " fat white guy. "
The graphic below shows that at this time, I'm just outside the "normal" BMI according to the WHO. 

WHO to Allan:  Still too heavy bud.  Keep it up!

What next?  I'm hoping to hit 185 lbs by the beginning of April 2017 (first week or so).  It may also become less accurate to measure mass alone.  I am also going to start measuring my waist line, neck and chest.  On this note, I now require size 32 jeans versus size 34.