Went to see a fantastic seminar

Sometimes I will go to a seminar and expect nothing.  This was not the case yesterday at the Michael Smith Labs seminar.

I saw a talk of Joelle Pelletier.  She presented fantastic work on enzyme engineering.  Studying P450s she and her team showed that the substrates have preferred paths of travel inside at and then through an enzyme.

A point that I grasped or understood less was the evolution of protein dynamics.  Roughly paraphrasing (and likely getting wrong) it seems as though when a residue is changed at a given site in an enzyme it has a knock-on effect; changing the way the protein moves, vibrates or flexes.  This change is different whether we look at picoseconds, nanoseconds, microseconds or milliseconds.

My thanks to the Land and Food systems weekly mailer for apprising me of this great talk.
If you are at a University and hope see her name at a speaking engagement I recommend you go check out her research.