A case for the single user Gsuite account

The former Google apps or now Gsuite  or whatever terrible name it will have in the future is extremely value packed.

For $10 CA per month I can have my personal e-mail hosted with Gmail and have up-to 2 petabytes (PB) of Google Drive storage (That's 2,048 Terabytes).  Once I was impressed with the Amazon Cloud drive $60 US for unlimited storage.  It turns out that 2 petabytes is pretty darned close to unlimited.

If a Blu-ray game or movie is ~ 50 gigabytes or 0.05 terabytes (TB) I have the ability to store, in theory, approximately 40, 000 Blu-ray discs.  Or 2000x the storage for $120 per year what Dropbox (1 TB, $129 per year)  iCloud (1 TB, $120 per year), or Onedrive (1 TB, $70 per year) sell for about the same amount of money (prices as of April 2017).

Onedrive is the only service that is remotely similar because your service includes Office (the most up-to-date version of the day).  My 2 PB come with arguably the best e-mail interface, effectively unlimited storage and a decent, although not great office suite.  The Google suite documents package is OK but is not going to suffice for the power Excel or Word user.

All together.  $120 gets an incredible amount of digital real estate.  I'm aware of the security implications of storing data in the cloud.  This is why I use Arq Backup and upload my backup in encrypted chunks.  Certainly worth a look if you are considering moving your digital content to the cloud.