That "fat white guy." - My journey from sugar - 2017-April-12

Wednesday weigh in.

This week's weight is 183 lbs on the button!  This is down from 183.8 lbs last week, April 5th.

What's new this week?  As far as shaping the diet, little, if anything has changed.  I'm trying to eat as much as possible for breakfast.  My calorie needs are slightly higher since I started my kettlebell training.  What a change that is.  About 10 years ago I worked out at the local community centre regularly.

There would be the prototypical 'leg day,' 'chest day,' 'arm day' etc.  With the kettlebell it feels that every muscle group is subject to a beating at the same time.

The most abused muscle group is the trapezius.  The middle and lower trapezius takes a beating for the first few days.  It may actually feel like an injury.  But in my case, it was not.  Some anecdotal reports on the internet suggest it is because these muscle groups are seldom targeted in exercise and subsequently, are very weak.  Shoulders, arms, legs and abdominal muscles all took a beating, not like the trapezius.