That "fat white guy." - My journey from sugar - 2017-April-26

Here's the Wednesday weigh in.  181 lbs

This is down from 182.8 lbs.

Psychologically, I see the purpose behind documenting weekly weigh ins.  It is easy to weigh one's self and think the weight is not changing and give up disappointed.

On the other hand.  WHO says I'm still overweight.  At this mass I see why BMI is flawed.

My kettlebell form is nearly perfect now.  It took about two weeks and online resources (here)
and the book Kettlebell training by Steve Cotter.  I'm in awe over how my posture has changed.  It feels like every muscle in my back is working together to keep my spine straight.  I almost want to tell everyone and gush how great kettlebells are but then I think of how obnoxious it is when people go on about marathons or being vegan.