That "fat white guy." - My journey from sugar - 2017-July-31

Weigh in on Sunday July 30th.  169.8 lbs or 77 kg.

Interestingly despite this slight ( 1 lbs) increase in mass my measurements have decreased

Neck 15.5"
Chest 41.5"
Waist 33.5"

I'm encouraged that mass is increasing while volume is decreasing.  It suggests fat loss is occurring.  Anecdotally, I bought a suit last weekend for my upcoming wedding.  The pant size was 30."  I remarked to Megan that this is the smallest waist size I've had since being on my high school cross country running team (When I was 17 years old).

My new fitness challenge is to complete a 5 mile bicycle sprint as quickly as possible.  An idea had reading Tim Ferriss' 4 hour body.

My first two times are 19:08 and 17:05.