Using a Windows 10 machine at work - Alfred App devs listen up!

At our new Creatus site we're using Windows 10 machines.

I'm happy to say that some software works a little better on Windows than on Mac OS Sierra (the last one I was using before I turned in my MacBook Pro). 

Here's the thing: I want to use a Mac at work.  Not because it is better or prettier or just works.  In honesty.  My Macbook Pro was (2015, 128 GB, 16 GB RAM) was a lemon.  It found every reason to crash or freeze after sleeping.  Yes Apple Care, blah, blah.  I needed a production computer to keep my workflow going.  My personal machine, a Macbook Air (2013, 11"), a cheaper, less premium computer was stellar and a pleasure to use. 

Yes ...

Alfred app.  Alfred app is a launcher, searcher, short-cutter, clip-board remembering, Swiss army knife of everything we do at our computers everyday.  It also has dozens of plugins or workflows that expand its utility. Let's say I order primers.  I can highlight and copy the order number then with a shortcut of my choosing I can generate an email to a colleague referencing the order, order number and date on which said order is placed.  Sounds trivial but do that over and over and you appreciate automation of things that are important but not critical.

Andrew, Vero (the devs) please consider bringing your software incredibly useful piece of software to Windows.  I know it won't be easy but there is a demand.  Consider me your first order, I would gladly buy the power pack again for Windows and I know others that would do the same.